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Indonesia-Korean Culture in Fashion

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Collaboration can be empowered culture in the fashion world . As performed by the Korean Cultural Centre in Jakarta Fashion Week. In the event Jakarta Fashion Week 2014, the two designers Indonesia and Korea are exchanging their culture through the works of the foam, is Albert Yanuar with Kaal E Suktae.

Interestingly, both the designer does not merely share the stage alone. It turns out that Albert and Kaal also shared fashion materials. Kaal cultivate traditional Indonesian fabric woven into a compelling collection. Meanwhile Albert , create fashion from Korean calligraphy patterned fabrics created by Korean designer , Lie Sang Bong .

The name may be familiar Kaal himself in the fashion world ginseng. The concept of contemporary fashion , with structured details neat and looks very chic , the hallmark of Kaal. In Jakarta Fashion Week 2014, Kaal presenting fashion collections are also displayed at the Seoul Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week .

" This time my collection is inspired by the architecture of the buildings with a simple design and not a lot of detail, " said Kaal during a press conference JFW, Senayan City , Thursday ( 24/10/2013 ) ago .

Kaal dominating fashion-clothing with material gray and black . It displays 16 piece fashion collection with the engineering firm and simple in every shirt . Mini dress with cut- out technique , blazers , skirts and pants firmly and modern look .

That is quite fascinating from Konkuk University graduate designers, Department of Fashion , Korea , is the ability to combine two different materials with each other , which is a traditional Korean fabric with woven fabric Garut . Korean fabric is white with gray woven material and sponge material , transformed into a beautiful dress . " This technique is called the bonding technique . 's Done to connect all of the material that connected perfectly , " he said .

Inversely proportional to the impressed Kaal collection of androgyny. Collection Albert Yanuar actually appear so feminine . Rows of beautiful dresses , like ' embrace ' the female body contortion, to look very graceful .

There are 12 collection of dresses displayed Albert in the two sequences. Six dominated body shaping dress with lotus flower detail, and six dresses made of Korean cloth.

"The lotus flower is the source of my inspiration . Due to the Korean society, the lotus flower is a symbol of the spiritual which is considered to be a marker , that man is able to overcome the difficulties of life for enlightenment , just as a lotus flower . Interest also reflects the respect the Korean people against the universe ," he explained .

The first sequence, Albert offers a simple long dress with floral detail accents , which blend in fashion . Fashion silhouette inspired by the typical Korean hanbok . The use of peach and olive green colors depict the atmosphere of refinement and beauty. Additional embroidery and sequins perfect present .

The part that is interesting is how this young designer , made ​​a dress with a pattern of Korean calligraphy works of Lie Sang Bong. " It's hard enough to make this calligraphy patterned dress, because I do not understand the meaning of the calligraphy. Wrong and the wrong piece can give different meaning of the calligraphy . So I had to do some research first, " said Albert .

In the second sequence, Albert again presents a beautiful dress that reflects the character , transformation. " Many women who get bored with their dresses, then by the transformation they can produce a lot of style at once, " he added.

Mini dresses , long dresses Albert becomes transformed through the folds of cloth. He also presents a fashion that can be changed by simply opening motif dress folds . Skirts can be turned into a jacket, simply by releasing the skirt of her dress.

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Indonsian fashion week 2014, batik perang kencana


Throughout the year 2013, the Indonesian fashion treasures meretaskan mat a number of achievements and proud fashion week , this is proof that local designers are not less competitive with international designers .

One of the most shining moment was the rise of the traditional fabric to the surface , with the skill of the designer fabrics are composed into a beautiful work of fashion and comfortable to wear . Because it is also the one , in 2013 many designers and retail home from abroad will begin to look homeland designer to work with them .

Seeing the positive response , then the government started holding fashion designers together for mutual mewujudukan vision and mission to make Indonesia as Asia's fashion mecca , especially for Muslim fashion line .

Here are some of the most memorable moment in the Indonesian fashion world :

The implementation of a grand fashion week

In previous years , the homeland of fashion lovers know only three large-scale fashion event , namely Jakarta Fashion Week ( JFW ) , Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival ( JFFF ) and Indonesia Fashion Week ( IFW ) .

In this year , growing fashion week event with the presence of the Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week ( JIFW ) , this event is a fashion show event and the new Muslim first held in 2013 . The plan , Reuters made ​​a fashion event of this magazine will be held every year .

In addition, the flare also other great fashion title success held , some of which are IPMI Trend Show , Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair ( IIFF ) , the local fashion week held in areas such as Bali , Solo, and others .

The arrival of the world retail companies in Jakarta

In addition to the good news from fashion designers , fashion retail business turns on the ground are also shown significant progress , just look at a range of famous retail brands from abroad were present to enliven the shopping center , such as Uniqlo , Cotton On , and the most phenomenal is H & M.

So hebohnya , people queuing in the inaugural H & M stores in Gandaria City snaking up out of the store . In fact they were willing to come in early and leave the daily routine activities in order to get into the first queue and also a piece of clothing stores . This incident happen again at the launch of Isabel Marant collection for H & M. Retail i even had to split the colored wristbands that determine customer queuing to get in for 15 minutes and buy clothes .

Then there was the Galeries Lafayette , a well-known fashion store in the heart of the fashion world , Paris , this year opened its first store in Indonesia . Stores are located in Pacific Place Mall offers a collection of many famous designers in Paris and other parts of the world . Additionally , in Indonesia, they also sell a variety of collections from local designers Indonesia.

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Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress

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Once engaged a month ago , is now controversial couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were busily preparing for their wedding . In addition to weddings , it seems everyone is so looking forward to what kind of wedding dress that Kim Kardashian would be an option .

Are women going back 33 years is wearing a Vera Wang wedding dress works as a brief previous marriage ? It turns out her future husband , Kanye West Kim prohibits to use Vera Wang wedding dress again . Kanye may be afraid of the "curse " wedding dress .

But instead of Kim and Kanye 's name if you get confused looking for wedding dresses . In fact , there are 12 designers competing to dress the mother of the North West at the wedding feast . They've even made ​​a sketch of a beautiful dress for her . One similarity , all of these designer Kim accentuate the body shape with a sensational further highlight Kim's chest and large hips .

As reported from , some designers who will design the wedding dress include Reem Acra , Val Stephani , Theia , Hayley Paige and Kelly also Faetanini . Kelly Faentanini designer sketching a dress in a mermaid style . He adds flare silhouette made ​​of silk georgette with many folds .

Special designer red carpet gowns , Reem Acra wedding gown luxurious design with backless detail and intricate pieces of other details .

Colored wedding dress

Val Stephani dress designers create stunning enough . Instead of making a white wedding dress , it actually makes the black dress like charcoal . This dress is made of two pieces of black lace were added with fuschia colored embroidery detail .

Designers are also playing with the idea of ​​a black wedding dress is Ines , Santo . He thought of seeing Kim in a dress high fashion with a strapless silhouette and layered skirt .

" Mermaid style is very fit and suitable for showing body curves Kim . Organsa high and lining on the back of her dress would make her look glamorous , " said designer mother and child , Ines and Veronica Santo .

Meanwhile , other designers such as Theia also minded to apply the mermaid style dress on her dress . She chose a strapless mermaid gown and using materials with a pink Swarovski crystal detail , and white flowers in some parts .

" After trying the traditional wedding style at first marriage , now he could feel free to choose her wedding dress colors , including pink , " said Don O'Neill , Creative Director of Theia .

Not just black , and pink are offered the designers to Kim . Watters fashion house chose to make a nude colored dress . It's inspired by the color of skin and her new hair color . Roughly where the dress that Kim would be an option ?

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Black Wedding Dress become Trends

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A marriage is not only shocking news. Avril Lavigne was again surprised everyone by choosing to wear gothic feel, from dresses to black roses . His color is identical to the color of the cemetery now chosen to step into some bridal wedding altar.

Avril wore a black wedding dress designed by Monique Lhuillier when she married Chad Kroeger on July 1 at the Chateau de la Napoule. In addition to Avril , Sheane Grimes, the actress who played in the series 90210 to do the same. He wore a black wedding dress designed by Vera Wang while married to Josh Beech on May 10 in London .

Black dress 'Josephine' is a collection of Vera Wang Fall 2012 owned by low necklines. The dress she wore was one of the few options that black dress skirt decorated with floral decorations . In the Spring / Summer 2014 , Vera Wang also returned with the black shades as the design of her wedding dress but a distraction with a unique black-and- white .

In addition to the names above , a number of celebrities who wore a black wedding dress is also quite a lot earlier . Among them there are Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo and fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker .

Now the black wedding dress has begun decorate a bridal. Brett Reynolds, CEO says bride wears a black gown , including the dare to be different and make a statement as to the character himself .

Besides the look of black dresses make them look slim wear, sexy and definitely steal the show. Not to be seen there at the funeral , a black wedding dress tricked with makeup and hair soft without wearing veils or masks are black too, of course .

Choose to wear black wedding dress can be surprising and shock a lot of people make. But the actual choice of wedding dress is not just merely white colored , is not it? He even said in Scandinavia, the black dress is a common and quite popular .

White on the wedding dress became popular after Queen Victoria wore when she married Prince Albert in 1840. Final 19th century and a choice of white elites and celebrities . This trend began to grow rapidly .

If you could only see from history then black wedding dress that starts this subject a lot of the new white for the bride and groom . Who knows . You dare ?

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Vera Wang wedding dress, no longer playing with White


Designers are terrific and proven creative, are those who dare to bring the imaginative work of the dominance of the prevailing trend. Exactly, as is done by the presentation of Vera Wang wedding dress latest collection for next season .

On the mat, Vera Wang is no longer playing with the color white. A fairly bold move and risk laden. Because the white color is known as priority choice women on her wedding day. Vera Wang confidently deliver color pink as a substitute.

In addition to representing the feminine side of women, the color pink can be a symbol of true elegance women. However, the pink spectrum displayed by Vera Wang feels more special this time , inspired by the bias rose petals , peony and rocks , which later became outward menjema romantic color . Softness of the colors , mingle at a series of bridal gown styles are full of allure .

Every inch of wedding dresses on display, music flows like a symphony playing sad ballads, the passing game pink ,Wang unite 'dream' wedding day a woman in the roots of femininity , which breathes elegance nan sacred concept .

Style strapless gown Wang is still highlighted as a ' star 'main, construction techniques gown with pleated chest and abdomen confirmed shades are styled so formal . Through this anyarnya collection , more apparent how her passion for the beauty of the flower contained the hallmark of design . Details composed magnificent roses, more romance images thicken a bride .

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Design Concept for Princess

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Designing appropriate clothing worn most highlighted a noble in the world is not an easy job. But British designer Jenny Packham always lock tight-lipped when asked about Kate Middleton, known as fond of the design.

Although not a lot of open mouths of the desired design concepts Kate, Jenny lot of talking through detail design. The collection at New York Fashion Week performances Autumn / Winter 2013, actually shows a design for a princess.

Dresses that sweep the floor, velvet and lace plus elegant crystal ornament, featuring a magnificent royal castle romanticism. "I was very inspired by the paintings of the mid-17th century," says Jenny.

Long dress comes in a collection of rich colors such as peach, midnight blue, cool blue, red, opal, blush pink, and mint green. Materials used include satin, tulle, beads, and silk chiffon. Ultra feminine style is reflected from the display cut dress V-neck, spaghetti straps, strapless, or turtleneck.

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